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Monday, March 25, 2013

Finding the Will for Will Was Great, But Frozen to Death, Not So!

Two wonderful pieces of information provided the documentation I needed to tie-up my research for William "Will" Scramlin, my 2nd cousin 3x removed. Both of these resources were free.

I last found him in the 1900 census in Harmon, Roberts, South Dakota, then the trail ran cold. That was until I searched for Will Scramlin in Their were seven hits for William Scramlin, so it didn't take long to go through the file, but one, the Saskatchewan, Probate Estate Files, 1887-1931 Weyburn 1918 had 32 pages of legal documents, including the will and probate records for him! Apparently, he and his family were living in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada. It was pure luck that these documents were scanned and put online, I would never have found them, and why would I ever think Saskatchewan.

A few days later, while still researching him, more information came to light, when I used Google News and found the newspaper, The MorningLeader - Jan 28, 1918.  The headline was HALBRITE MAN FOUND FROZEN AT MANKATOMINN. (See below the will.)

I, Will Scramlin, of the Village of Halbrite, in the
Province of Saskatchewan “Real Estate Agent”, being of
Sound and disposing mind and memory, do hereby revoke
All former Wills or testamentary dispositions by me at
Any time heretofore made; and do make, publish and de-
clare this as my last Will and Testament.

1st. I hereby nominate and appoint my wife, Kate
Scramlin, the Executrix of this my last will.

2nd. I direct that all my just debts, funeral and
Testamentary expenses be paid.

3rd. I give, devise and bequeath all my real and per-
Sonal estate which I may now or hereafter be possessed
Of or interested in to my wife, Kate Scramlin, absolutely.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand, this
12th day of November in the year of our Lord, One thousand
Nine hundred and fourteen.

SIGNED by the Testator, as and for
His Last Will and Testament, in the
Presence of us, both present at the        Will Scramlin
Same time, who, at his request and
In his presence, have hereunto sub-
scribed our names as witnesses.

T. A. Oakley
of Halbrite, Sask.
J. A. Kjeldson
of Halbrite, Sask.


Was Well Known in Weyburn
District and Good

MANKATO, Minn. Jan. 26.—The
Body of William Scramlin, said to be
a wealthy land man of Weyburn, Sask.,
was found frozen stiff near the city
hall today. His skull was fractured
and his face smeared with blood
Whether he was struck by some one
or fell against the  building on the icy
Sidewalk the police have been unable
To determine.

Scramlin and his wife came here
Thursday night to visit relatives and
bid farewell to their son who enlisted
In the aviation service. Scramlin was
Fifty years old. A wife and four chil-
dren survive.