The Life From The Roots blog topics have changed several times since I began this blog. In 2009, with my first posts, I wrote only about the family history I had been working on for 20 years. Many ancestors lived in New England so it was easy to visit gravesites and towns where they lived. I shared many photo. Years later, I was into visiting gardens, historical homes, churches, libraries that had genealogical collections, historical societies, war memorials, in general, anything to do with history. I enjoy posting autographs and photos of famous people I met or saw.

My New England roots are in Connecticut and Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire). Other areas include New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Requests July 8, 2014

In less than a month, I've received three requests from individuals wanting to use a photo of mine for whatever purpose, usually business related. Of course, I gave permission, but what is unusual is the number. In the past, requests were from one or two genealogists. Below are the three letters to me, followed by the photo. Possible future requests will be posted to this site.

"Dear Barbara,
I’m an archaeologist working on some large scale excavations in Philadelphia and we have a public information session coming up for the residents of the neighborhood where we are doing the excavations.  I was looking for pictures of open hearth and brick oven cooking to use on a poster that will explain how red earthenware pans and dishes were used in 19th century cooking and I came across this image on your blog.  I was wondering if you would give us permission to copy the image for our poster?  The public session is very informal—sort of a meet and greet for archaeologists and people in the neighborhood—but your photo is ideal for showing both a hearth and a brick oven. You would of course be credited as the author of the image."

The photo is shown, but some of you might not be able to see it. Please see my "Seeing New England" post here, and scroll down to see the two ladies in the kitchen. HERE.

"Hi Barbara,
I've just come across your blog and I really enjoy it.
Thank you so much.
I am the author of The Old Money Book, which is currently available on Amazon and Nook. The book details how anyone from any background can adopt the values, priorities, and habits of America's upper class in order to live a richer life.
I have a blog as well.
I was wondering if I may use your photograph of the Concord Free Library Main Reading Room. It's beautiful, and perfectly captures the tone of my book and blog."

My third request this month was from Maine.
"I wanted to write you personally to let you know we recently featured your post about Kennebunkport Historic District on Hopper! Click here to view it or to sign up to reach new readers. 

Hopper wants to reward awesome bloggers like yourself with more and better exposure, so if you have any feedback or questions please reply directly to this email."

On July 16, 2014, I received: "Barbara,
AAA Southern New England will be featuring Westford in the October issue of our club publication Horizons. We have print, the online version and a Facebook page, too.
The member submitted column, which is called My Town, will mention The Westford Knight.  I'd like your permission to possibly use one of your attached photos. We will be happy to give you a photo credit if we use it. 
Thanks for your help." 

DUMAS, Lowell, Massachusetts -- Tombstone Tuesday

Lowell Cemetery
Lowell, Massachusetts

1830  LEVI DUMAS  1908
No question about it, flowers near a cemetery stone will always draw me to it.