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Monday, August 13, 2012

Westover Obituary with a lot of help.

How did I get so lucky? Last week, Linda Cromheecke sent me a pdf containing the below two images of her ancestor's obituary. (Linda received it from Margaret Maloney Croft, her cousin 2x removed.) I was very interested in the obituary because the Westover Canadian line is new to me. However, I couldn't open it, she sent another image, no luck either. So, I copied the pdf onto a flash drive, and FedEx transferred it to a jpeg for me, free of charge!

While I was attempting to transcribe this, there were too many names, and locations I just couldn't read. I decided to do a google search, using key words wild rose Wisconsin Yagler. I thought the Yagler family might have lived in Wild Rose, Wisconsin. It did, and up popped the obituary all typed (see below). Of course, I copied it, thus saving me at least an hour or more of trying to read the obit and figure out unfamiliar words. I guess that was a smart move, and it's my hint to you, constantly use google to help you. I just wish I could give credit, but here is the site: (An old GeoCities site.) "This Page is an antiquarian - possibly outdated - usergenerated website brought to you by an archive. It was mirrored from Geocities in the end of october 2009. For any questions about this page contact the respective author. To report any mal content send URL to oocities[at]gmail[dot]com. For any questions concerning the archive visit our main"

Thanks to Linda, FedEx and google for all your help.

"The Randolph Advance
Dodge County, Wisconsin
Thursday, March 12, 1931

Robert James Westover, youngest son of Isaac and Susan Westover, was born in St. Catherine, Canada, October 15, 1855, and passed to his eternal reward Friday morning at 12:30 o'clock March 6, 1931. At the age of eleven years he moved to Wisconsin with his parents and Settled in the town of Mackford, Green Lake county. He was untied in marriage to Etta Bradford of Westford, February 22, 1878. To this union nine children were born, two of whom preceded the parents in death. Mrs. J. N. Derby who passed away in 1914 and Claudia, who died in infancy.

Shortly after their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Westover moved to Buffalo Lake, Minnesota, where they lived for about thirteen years, after which they moved back to Wisconsin and have lived in the vicinity of Fox Lake and Randolph to the close of life. For  the past thirty-two years Mr. Westover has lived in Randolph. His wife preceded him in death August 2, 1924 and since that time he has made his home with his daughters, Mrs. H. C. Smith and Mrs. O. J. Griffith.

Mr. Westover is survived by five daughters and two sons; Mrs. Herman Smith of Randolph, Mrs. Frank Yagler of Wild Rose, George of Markesan, Robert of Randolph, Mrs. Edward Maloney of Madison, Mrs. Sjouke Dykstra of Randolph and Mrs. O.J. Griffith of Randolph. His loss is also mourned by twenty-seven grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren, and a host of more distance relatives and friends, including two nephews, Sumner and Bruce Rogers.

About five weeks ago Mr. Westover was taken seriously ill at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Maloney of Madison, and after a few days was moved to the hospital to receive the best medical treatment possible. He seemed to realize that his end was approaching and longed to get back to his home town of Randolph. The children took an ambulance and moved him back to his home with his youngest daughter, Mrs. O.J. Grittith where loving hands did all that children could do for a parent, but after the short sickness death entered and removed the father to his Eternal Home.

During his long residence in Randolph Mr. Westover has made a host of friends who honored him for his honestly and upright moral life. He was always of a genial nature and cared for the duties of life in an industrious fashion. For the past sixteen years he been sexton of the Randolph Cemetery and has kept everything in fine condition and has been kind and efficient to the hundreds of sorrowing people with whom he been associated. It will be difficult to find efficient and obliging a sexton to succeed him. Among the men of town he was greeted in the very friendly fashion. "Good morning, Dad".  He will be missed on our streets and at the cemetery as well as in his family.
Now the laborer’s task is o'er
Now the suffering all is past
Now upon the father where shore
Lands upon voyager at last
Father, in Thy precious keeping Leave we now Thy servant sleeping.

The Ladies Aid Society of the First Congregational church of Randolph served dinner in the parlors of the church Sunday noon to the family and relatives who were here for the funeral. Services were held from the home of Mr. and Mrs. O.J. Grittith at 1:30 and at 2 o'clock from the Congregational church Sunday afternoon, Rev. Daniel Woodward officiating, with interment in the Randolph cemetery.. Grandsons were pallbearers. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Smith and Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Downes sang three very appropriate selections as a quartet, accompanied at the pipe organ by Miss Lulu Smith. The church was filled to its extreme capacity at the services. - D. Woodward, Pastor.

Obituary states he was the youngest son Isaac and Susan Westover. Also started in obituary, he is survived by two nephews, Bruce and Sumner Rogers. Robert came to Wisconsin at the age of 11 with family and settled in town of Mackford, Green Lake County. Moved to Buffalo Lake, Rennville County, Minnesota with wife and children. Margaret Croft, granddaughter had been told the move to MN was to help Robert's parents. They lived there from about 1881 to 1893. The family moved back to Fox Lake/Randolph, Wisconsin to care for Etta's parents. According to Margaret the older children remembered coming back in a covered wagon with a cow walking behind. For a period of time they managed a hotel just north of Randolph, Bonnie Meade."

Robert James Westover was my 3rd cousin, 4 times removed.