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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Another Photo Always Helps When Looking For This Pratt

With a touch of spring in the air on March 13th, my husband and I went to Bell Rock Cemetery in Malden, Massachusetts to hunt for a cemetery stone. This was my 3rd visit and in the past, I had found the stones for Thomas Pratt and his wife, Mary, Thomas Newhall and his wife Rebeckah Greene. This time I was looking for John Pratt, the father of the above mentioned Thomas.

We were there at noon, and spent over an hour trying to find it, even with the FindAGrave (FAG) photo, shown below my photo. Once home, I realized I had taken it, but just didn't know it because the sun was right in my eyes. That is the reason, you don't see the left side.

So my moral, "Another Photo Always Helps When Looking For This Pratt" isn't always true, a photo doesn't always help, except if you are lucky, like me, once in a while.

John Pratt
Born: February 1655, Massachusetts
Died: June 3, 1708
Malden, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts

Mary ___ w/o John Pratt (above)
Born about 1655
Died 17 July 1710
Malden, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts

John Pratt (I believe he the son of Thomas and Sarah Pratt)
Married to Martha Pratt (below)
Born: 29 May 1664
Malden, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts
Died 15 November 1742
Malden, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts

Martha Pratt (daughter of Richard Pratt)
Married to John Pratt (above)
Born 1663, Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts
Died: 30 Sept. 1742
Malden, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts

Couldn't read a thing, but I actually thought this was my John Pratt's stone.
Elizabeth Pratt wife a Thomas Pratt
(No other information)
Born: Unknown
Died: 19 Jan. 1740

Google Earth map of the cemetery. With all those trees, it's best to go when there are no leaves to cast shadows, and don't go at noon like I did.
I contacted the Bell Rock Cemetery (781-397-7191) and asked if they had a detailed map, "unfortunately no." I then inquired about a listing of names. The clerk said she has it on her computer and they are in the process of getting it online in the near future. She thought if I called back in a month, maybe she would know more. Note: I called on Jan. 5, 2018 and no action has been taken, because funding is the problem.