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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gladys, her Husband and Blogger Susan Petersen

Do you ever quickly scan posted cemetery listings and obituaries, in hopes of finding something that will help you in your search? I do, all the time, and sometimes the eye scans are very quick. A second later, I couldn't even tell you the surname or location I had just read. So, when I was doing just that, scanning through a post by Susan Petersen of Long Lost Relatives, I spotted a name and knew instantly that Rev. Roy G. Pavy was in my tree. But why is he listed in an obituary posted by Susan (of Nebraska) of her great grand-aunt since he was living in Connecticut? Further reading of Susan's blog provided the answers: her ancestor lived in Connecticut and she was buried in the same cemetery as my grandparents!

I quickly wrote Susan to tell her about Rev. Pavy then went to my file to review my information. There is no need to include his huge obituary, so I will simply say, he died 6 Jul 1967 and they had no children. His wife, Gladys and my grandfather were 2nd cousins, and each was an only child. I heard the names of Gladys and Roy mentioned frequently, and when my grandfather died, I chose to take an old photo (undated) of Gladys, shown below.
Gladys Bishop Pavy
Roy G. Pavy

In closing, I think it is important to look at all blogs which are about a person or family. You will never know what you've missed if you don't. In this case, Susan lives in Nebraska, I am in Massachusetts, yet I found a relative mentioned on her blog about a Connecticut death! Pretty neat.