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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Genealogy Reviews from Two Magazines

The two current (for March) magazines shown above have articles that might be of interest to some readers. As a lover of magazines, I often find bits of information pertaining to genealogy in them. Last night I found two.

It is without pleasure that the Entertainment Weekly magazine gave a review of “Who Do You Think You Are?” The write-up wasn't very good, but the rating of a D was pretty low. Considering this magazine is popular with TV viewers, it didn’t send a positive message to them, nor entice them to watch.

Smart Computing has an article, "Find it Online, Root out Your Family History." The magazine has always covered new genealogy products, so this wasn't a surprise. Covered are reviews of six genealogy sites, Dick Eastman's newsletter and Family Tree Builder.


Heather Rojo said...

So disappointing to read that "Entertainment Weekly" didn't like the idea of a genealogy program. I suppose it wasn't the usual titillating stuff that the general public usually consumes, so they don't have great expectations! I hope they are pleasantly surprised if the public responds differently!

Thomas MacEntee said...


I always take Entertainment Weekly reviews with a grain of salt - a certain person in my household who shall remain nameless receives this piece of drivel each week and I am amazed at the content - or lack thereof! It appears that much of the reviews are written by and for the latte sucking cell phone yapping 20-something crowd.

Oh do I sound old. And like a curmudgeon. Ugh.

Barbara Poole said...

I agree with you both. I rarely watch TV, but do get EW because of the movie reviews (I try to see a movie a week) (hey it only cost me $10 per yr. and gives the mailman something to do). Tom, you may sound old, but in real life, I am older!