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Monday, March 29, 2010

Madness Monday -- Asking For Help #3

How much space and how much time? Only two questions. Recently, I have been wondering how much can we write per blog, in other words, how much space can we use? Some of my pieces are rather long and while they may not interest most people, I am always hoping somebody will find one of my surnames through Google. I think we all want that, why else are we posting so many surnames. This is my first question. 

My second question has to do with posting something accidentally, because it wasn't for the right date or time. I have been trying to train myself to use the Post Options link first, but every once in a while, I forget, as I did on Sunday. Within minutes I noticed an unedited post was up and I quickly went to edit and changed the date. I thought all was well, until I saw it in the reader. Of course I was embarrassed, and I wanted it and my feelings to fade away. Once somebody hits Publish Post, is there a time frame that I can retrieve it or does it go to the web immediately? Thanks for any help.


Michelle Goodrum said...

This is an excellent question! I've done the same thing myself a couple of times.

Barbara said...

Thanks Michelle. Maybe somebody will help us out!

Thomas MacEntee said...

Thomas to the rescue:

1. Blog post - they really can be as long as you want. But from a reader perspective, a blog post shouldn't be more than two or three paragraphs. Chalk it up to short-attention span or they way media is today, but most readers of blogs want "bursts" of information.

When I have a long post, I break it up into a series. It is good to keep focus within each part, and it keeps readers coming back to my blog.

2. It is difficult to retract something that is published in Blogger in time for a RSS feed not to grab hold of it. With WordPress, there is a plugin that will give you a 30 minute window but there is no such gadget for Blogger.

Sanjay Maharaj said...

I find that writing blogs by keeping them short, to the point and consice by using key words not only attract but retains readers

Becky said...

Barbara, if you have a really long post (have to scroll down several screens) you can "break-up" the post into a series. As you publish the second part you can add a link to the first and you can then edit the first post to add a link to the second. It is a bit cumbersome but it works.

As far as publishing something before it is ready, I don't know if there is a time frame. I have noticed that sometimes it takes a while before the post shows up in a reader and other times it shows up almost immediately.

I think most everyone has hit the publish button inadvertently at some point so it really shouldn't be an embarrassment. The post will be out there but it is no big deal.

Claudia's thoughts said...

I have written errors many times and you can edit the posting. Go to your Dashboard, and under the blog title where it says New Post and next to it on the right is a Edit Post link. Just click on that and you can go in there and correct it and republish.

Barbara said...

Thomas thank you for the rescue and the answers. Sanjay and Becky, thanks for your comments and I agree about the length, I need to watch it. Claudia, believe me, I knew about fixing posted errors from day one, and even now, I am constantly going to the Dashboard to fix something. Very nice of you to reply also.

Kathleen Brandt, Professional Genealogist said...

I is embarrassing, but my understanding from Tom is it is too late once posted in blogger. I have one that looks nothing like my actual blog. ICK!

Barbara said...

Kathleen, I love what you wrote, at least I'm in good company. Thanks.

hummer said...

I loved this post. The discussion is so great and informative. I learned from it. I don't have a thing to contribute, but you helped me.
Thanks. ;)