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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday -- TEN EYCK (3 Generations) Quebec, Canada

The Ten Eyck Cemetery, is located on private property in an Apple Orchard in Dunham, Missisquoi Co., Quebec, Canada. Three generations of direct ancestors of mine were buried here. Because of their relationship to me, and their history, this cemetery discovery was one of my favorite thrills in all my discoveries. It sure helped that the family has been on this land for over 200 years.
Jannette Dumont w/o Hendrick Ten Eyck (stone of his missing)
Born: May 01, 1761, Somerset Co., New Jersey
Died: June 01, 1838, Dunham, Missisquoi Co., Quebec, Canada

Their daughter, Jane Ten Eyck
Born:  July 08, 1799, Quebec, Canada
Died:  March 01, 1875, Dunham, Missisquoi Co., Quebec, Canada

Her husband, Andrew TenEyck 
(they were 2nd cousins)
Born:  June 06, 1786, Prob. Albany, Albany Co., New York
Died:  September 19, 1831, Dunham, Missisquoi Co., Quebec, Canada

Their son,  Henry
Born:  August 04, 1818, Dunham, Missisquoi Co., Quebec, Canada
Died:  June 28, 1886, Dunham, Missisquoi Co., Quebec, Canada

His wife, Caroline Rosenberger
Born:  September 21, 1823, Frelighsburg, Missisquoi Co., Quebec, Canada
Died:  December 09, 1866, Dunham, Missisquoi Co., Quebec, Canada


Anonymous said...

Hey Barb,
You don't happen to know anybody up in that area that will go look into some cemetaries for me do you?? I have tried thru the historical society but have had no luck. I still think that some of my ancestors are buried up in that area or just south in Vermont. One of these days I will be able to break down that brick wall that I keep hacking at. It's neat that you are in that area and I am so jealous cause I can't seem to get there to do some research. Keep in touch. Joyce

Barbara Poole said...

Joyce, sometime, give me their names and death dates, we should work together on this. You have my email. I took these pic. 11 years ago., and no, I don't know anybody up there. Did you try RAOGK, there could be somebody willing to help or you can pay them a little.

Anonymous said...

I have tried RAOGK and didn't have any luck. Maybe one of these days when I'm not so darn busy at work and have some extra time I'll try again maybe this time somebody will be around the area. I do feel that Robert Carty's parents died in the area but I don't have death dates or anything, at least I think they died in that area. I can't find any proof of them anywhere else. In fact I haven't been able to find any proof at all. All I have is the names from Robert's death certificate and I just found that out a couple of months ago and haven't had the energy or time to look into it. But I will keep you in touch. Thanks for offer and I might just take you up on it. Joyce