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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Alameda, California -- My Old Neighborhood

Encinal Avenue is where my mother and I walked to, to see a movie and get Chinese take-out shop. The earliest movie I remember seeing was, "The Red Shoes."

San Francisco Bay, just down the street from my house on Pearl Street. I believe a lot of this beach area was built up, and that is why you see streets and houses to the right of where I lived. Clearly from this photo, you can see San Francisco.

All photos taken by my mother. Alameda was where I lived for 10 years, it is next to Oakland and across the bay from San Francisco. She wrote on the back of the car photo, "first car - 1940 Chevy."

A website for Alameda states, "In August 2010, Travel and Leisure magazine announced what visitors already know: Alameda is one of the top ten American "Coolest Suburbs Worth a Visit."

Other tidbits of information located from wikipedia:

Even though the island is just minutes off Interstate 880, the speed limit for the city is 25 mph (40 km/h) on almost every road.

Alameda is known for its large stock of Victorian houses; 9% of all single-family houses (1500) in Alameda are Victorians, and many more have been divided into two to four-unit dwellings. It is said that Alameda has more pre-1906 earthquake era homes than any other city in the Bay Area.


grace said...

What fun pictures to have in your family history. I also have some pictures of old cars that my dad owned. My father was a lover of cars.

Carol said...

Fabulous, Man's great grandparents and children lived in Alameda during the 1906 Quake, I found some fabulous data on the quake from the Alameda point of view years ago when I was writing their family history. Thanks for the memory trigger.

Barbara Poole said...

Grace and Carol, thank you for your comments. Grace, I think the car is ugly, but car lovers probably don't. And Carol, that is very interesting about Man's connection to Alameda during the 1906 earthquake, did you see that much of the area was saved?

Susan Petersen said...

As always, love your photos!

Barbara Poole said...

Thank you Susan.