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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cross made from California gold -- Treasure Chest Thursday

Engraved A. T. B.

Charter Oak
There was a note with the partial cross. "Part of a Cross which was made for Albert T. Bishop. The wood is from the Charter Oak tree; the gold came from nuggets secured in California during the gold rush by Thomas Bishop, the father of Albert T. Bishop.

Loaned by Mrs. Roy Gilman Pavy"

Thomas was my 2nd great-granduncle, Albert my 1st cousin, 3 times removed, and Mrs. Roy Pavy my 1st cousin, 3 times removed. Both men lived in Connecticut. I obtained  the cross shortly after my grandfather's death. A room was set aside to display some personal items, and even though I was the last to pick what I wanted, I was delighted with this, and the other things I took 30 years ago. All items were related to genealogy or family history.

July 25, 2012 follow-up.
While looking at The Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin (Vol. 49 winter, 1984 #1), I came across an article called, The Charter Oak Artifacts on pages 126-157. There were many photos of items made out of the Charter Oak, including a crucifix just like the above, and many other items.


Heather Rojo said...

My great grandmother wore a gold nugget on a chain. It was from her grandfather was a '49er who went to San Francisco on board the ship Leonore with the New England Trading and Mining Company. It was very difficult to trace his story because I had been told he took a wagon train to California and his wagon was "named Leonore"! So I looked in wagon train records for 20 was a red herring. But at least it was a clue! I think this is all very exciting, don't you? It's a real piece of history, and I'm glad you chose this little cross.

Carol said...


Barbara Poole said...

Thanks to you both for writing. Heather, I wondered if I should show this, and now I'm glad I did! Keep researching, something might turn up.

Apple said...

Very cool! Love the gold work and note about the origin.

The Charter Oak that appears on the Connecticut quarter? If so, very, very, very cool!

Barbara Poole said...

Apple, first, I love the word cool and have been using it recently. Hum, interesting about the Charter Oak and Connecticut, that is where they were from. Maybe I should read up on it. Many thanks.

Michelle Goodrum said...

I can see why you were delighted with your choice. It is beautiful.

dee-burris said...

What a wonderful piece of history.

Miriam Kikut said...

Barbara, I was so excited to find your blog. I too have a cross made from the Charter Oak. Mine is complete with an acorn hanging from the bottom.The gold on top of the acorn says Charter Oak. The name on mine is M.E. Pomroy. On the back-side it says Mount Vernon. It has been in my family for as long as anyone can remember. I almost gave up trying to find something out about this cross. Your blog has encouraged me to keep up the search.

Barbara Poole said...

Miriam, I wish I had your email. Maybe you could write me? Thank you for leaving your comment.