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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Founders of Hartford, Connecticut

The monument is located in the Ancient Burying Ground in Hartford, Connecticut. I took the photo a week ago. My direct ancestors, they are in green, shown below. Quite possibly I have a few more, but without the death dates, I can't be certain. Names in alphabetical order cover all four sides. Does anybody else share any of these names?

In Memory of the First Settlers of Hartford

Jeremy Adams
Matthew Allyn
Francis Andrews
William Andrews
John Arnold
Andrew Bacon
John Barnard
Thomas Barnes
Robert Bartlet
John Baysey
Thomas Beal
Nathaniel Bearding
Mary Betts
John Bidwell
Richard Billing
Thomas Birchwood
William Bloomfield
Peter Blanchford
Thomas Buckley
Thomas Bliss, Sr.
Thomas Bliss, Jr.
William Blumfield
James Bridgeman
John Bronson
Richard Bronson
Thomas Bull
Thomas Bunce
Benjamin Burr
Richard Butler
William Butler
Clement Chaplin
Richard Church
John Clarke
Nicholas Clarke
William Clarke
James Cole
William Cornwell
John Crow
John Cullick
Philip Davis
Fulke Davy
Robert Day
Nicholas Desborough
Joseph Easton
Edward Elmer
Nathaniel Ely
James Ensign
Zachariah Field
Thomas Fisher
John Friend
Samuel Gardiner
Daniel Garret
William Gibbons
Richard Goodman
Ozias Goodwin
William Goodwin
Seth Grant 
George Grave
Bartholomew Greene
Samuel Greenhill
Thomas Gridley
Samuel Hale
Thomas Hale
Stephen Hart
William Hayden
John Haynes
John Higginson
William Hills
William Holton
Thomas Hooker
Edward Hopkins
John Hopkins
Thomas Hosmer
George Hubbard
Thomas Hungerford
William Hyde
Jonathan Ince
Thomas Judd
Nathaniel Kellogg
Ralph Keeler
Edward Lay
William Kelsey
William Lewis, Sr.
Richard Lord
Thomas Lord
Richard Lyman
John Marsh
Matthew Marvin
Reinold Marvin
John Maynard
John Moody
John Morris
Benjamin Munn
Thomas Munson
Joseph Mygatt
Thomas Olcott
James Olmsted
Richard Olmsted
William Pantry
William Parker
Paul Peck
William Phillips
John Pierce
Thomas Porter
Stephen Post
John Pratt
William Pratt
John Purchas (Purchase)
Nathaniel Richards
Richard Risley
Thomas Root
Nathaniel Ruscoe
William Rusco
John Sable
Thomas Scott
Thomas Selden
Richard Seymour
John Skinner
Arthur Smith
Giles Smith
Thomas Spencer
William Spencer
John Stanley
Thomas Stanley
Timothy Stanley
Thomas Stanton
Edward Stebbins
George Steele
John Steele
George Stocking
John Stone
Samuel Stone
John Talcott
Thomas Thompson
Thomas Upson
Robert Wade
William Wadsworth
Henry Wakeley
James Wakeley
Samuel Wakeman
Samuel Wakeman
Nathaniel Ward
Andrew Warner
Richard Watts
Richard Webb
John Webster
Thomas Welles
William Westley
William Westwood
John White
Samuel Whitehead
William Whiting
John Wilcock (Wilcox)
Gregory Wolterton
Thomas Woolford
George Wyllys


Susan Petersen said...

Barb - I immediately recognized this memorial from the book Genealogy of the Olmsted family in America By George Kemp Ward (found on Google books). According to the book, here's my line to the Olmsteads, via my great grandmother, Clara Rosella Laymon Pecht > Eliza Ann Olmstead > Eben A Olmstead > David Olmstead > David Olmstead > Silas Olmstead > JAMES OLMSTEAD/OLMSTED > Nathan Olmsted > James Olmsted > Richard Olmsted > another Richard and 2 more James'. Can I believe everything I read???

Barbara Poole said...

Susan, I believe we are, at long last, distantly related through James and Richard Olmsted!

Susan Petersen said...

Barb - I think we knew we had a connection back there somewhere! The first James in my line (father of Silas) is, according to the calculator in Ancestry, is my 7th g-grandfather.

Marian Pierre-Louis said...

I would really love to visit there. I need to go to the state archives this summer so maybe I'll be able to stop by.

Anonymous said...

If you can believe this Barb I actually have extended family with the last name of Olmsted. I haven't researched the family because I haven't gotten that far. It is on my dad's side, my great uncle married an Olmsted. I don't believe the family came thru Conn. but it could happen. That side of the family is not really interested in genealogy and I am having so much fun with mine that I haven't even looked. Our families were so close in area on my mom's side that I considered us related anyway. Joyce

DFerris1999 said...

I have John Bronson and Matthew Marvin, and probably (will have to make sure they are the same ones) Thomas Root and Thomas Welles. I also see other names that I may have a connection to, but would have to dig a bit more.

Travis LeMaster said...

Names I recognize : Zachariah Field, Thomas Scott & Richard Webb.

Barbara Poole said...

Marian, I hope you get there, you're lucky it isn't too far away.
Joyce, I'm still not sure if I have this Olmsted line, but perhaps we share another one. You and I will be cousins, one day.

Barbara Poole said...

Travis, did Thomas Scott m. Elizabeth Strutt? If so, we are related, and I should change it to green.

Barbara Poole said...

Dee, It looks like we share Matthew Marvin. And, I have a Thomas Welles who m. Elizabeth Deming, is this your line? I need to change it to green.

Elizabeth said...

Hello again cousin :-)
Stephen Hart is 8th great grandfather
Richard and Thomas Lord are 9th great grand uncles
Thomas Munson is 9th great grandfather
I have Pecks in my tree, but not Paul
Thomas Stanton is 9th great grandfather (multiple times)
Thanks for sharing.

Barbara Poole said...

More! We share the two Lords and Thomas Munson. I took a gravestone pic. of Thomas Lord. We share a lot of ancestry. I'm following you now, very nice to meet you.

Liz said...

Depending on which George Hubbard that is listed on the memorial, I am either directly descended from or am related to him!

Barbara Poole said...

Liz, there is a book with all the inscriptions. I will check it out the next time I go to Boston to see what it says about George.

Barbara Poole said...

Liz, there was nothing about George Hubbard, only abt. Mrs. Cornelia Hubbard, w/of Nehemiah Hubbard. She was the dau. of Samuel Willis.

Anonymous said...

Hi, there! I think its great you have a blog up doing this! I have a few questions for you. 1). I was thinking about becoming a certified genealogist, but I have no idea how to do this.
2). I am related to Andrew K. Warde, and I know about a 100 years ago they had a Society. How can I find out what happened to the Society, and how to get people involeved in it again. George K. Ward did a great job compiling, and poof..everything is gone but the book. :( Thank goodness for that. Thanks so much on your thoughts!

Barbara Poole said...

Hi Anonymous,
First I would contact the Hartford Historical Society and ask them, but be sure to have as much information already to present to them. (Lots of googling, reading some Hartford history books, etc.) The second question is far too involved for me to reply here. You could email me instead for a reply.

Janeen said...

Yes, Nicholas Desborough, William Kelsey and William Spencer.

Christine Sharbrough said...

Awesome! There are several names on that list that are my family. Nice to see the photos, thanks!

Gary Church said...

Richard Church was an ancestor of mine. His grandson "Yankee" John Church moved to Western North Carolina in 1714 where most of my relations hail from including Captain Amos Church who fought at and defeated the British at the battle of Kings Mountain in 1781. My name is Gary L. Church and I would to hear from some of my New England cousins!