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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Where Is He? -- Wordless Wednesday

Does anybody know if all these old photos were taken in Kilburn, England?
(Photo of my grandfather at least 50 years ago.)


Carol said...

Any luck with Google Earth and these photos?? And, Lisa Logsdon may be able to explain how to do a Google photo compare. I fear I have forgotten how she did it. SIGHH Ole leaky memory.

Barbara Poole said...

Thanks Carol for the suggestion. I know where the town is, but am wondering of the bottom 2 photos are also in Kilburn. Wouldn't be funny if Lisa has been there?

Susan Petersen said...

Can't help you with the location, but until I watched American Pickers this week, I never would have known that was a mill stone in the first photograph! The pickers were on a hunt to buy one for William Shatner. This design even looks very similar to one that a mill stone collector had.