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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Doll and How Similar Were The Grandparents?

The doll was always displayed in our home, and I had always assumed it belonged to my mother. When I was given it as an adult, I was told it was mine and given to me years ago by a grandmother. I don't know which one, and now I'm curious. All these 40+ years, it's collected dust, and had a shoe damaged by a cat.
The outfit and entire body are handmade. I've washed all articles of clothing over the years, but not in the past 10. Does anybody know anything about this doll? Detailed photos will be posted on Thursday.

There is no way I can determine which grandmother gave it to me, because one lived 1,000+ miles away and the other 3,000. So it had to be mailed to me (my mother) in California. All this got me thinking about how similar my grandparents were. Based on what I know, it appears they were quite alike. However, I don't think they ever met, as my parents eloped prior to my father joining the Navy during WWII.

Anybody have an idea of who sent it to me?

Father's father, Clarence F. Poole was born 1891 in Illinois and married 1918
First child born 1919 (father) Illinois
1930 census indicates they had a maid living with them
Grandfather was a lawyer his entire life
Wife died January 1953  Illinois
He remarried June 1954  Santa Barbara, California
He died August 1957  Illinois
He always lived in Illinois
Their son went to college in New York state

Mother's father, Earle K. Bishop was born 1891 in Connecticut and married 1918
First child born 1919 (mother)  New York City
1930 census indicates they had a maid living with them
Grandfather was an architect his entire life
Wife died April 1953  Connecticut
He remarried July 1953  Connecticut
He died August 1981  Connecticut
He always lived in Connecticut
Their daughter went to college in New York state


Susan Clark said...

Such a sweet doll. I've no input on your grandparents' traits, but have you checked with cousins to see if any of them received similar gifts? My grandmother and mother tended to repeat gifts to their grandchildren.

Barbara Poole said...

Susan, good thought, and thanks. I was 7 yrs. older than my nearest cousin, and a good 1,000+ miles from her too. I should write her, but I don't have her email or address. Last time we met was in the early 50s.

Carol said...

Some of the similarities are almost eerie. She is a sweet doll. Any other cousins???

Nancy said...

Barbara, I can't help you with finding out who gave you the doll but I just wanted to tell you how fabulous she is. It seems like you didn't get to play with her when you were little - which is such a shame. If you had, I'm sure your mom would have mentioned who sent her. I hope you're able to find out which who sent her to you.

Barbara Poole said...

Carol, I've got to find my cousins somehow. Nancy, thanks and I hope you like the photos on Thursday of her hair, underneath and back.

Diane B said...

Hi Barbara - well I've done some sewing, and made some doll clothes, and I can tell you, this is pretty good. There's every possibility that the grandmother actually had it made for you, or purchased it from a handicrafter. But one question: did your mother sew at all? Own a sewing machine? If so, that tips the balance slightly towards that side of the family. Sorry, that's all I've got!

Barbara Poole said...

Hi Diane, Thanks for your comment. My mother majored in textiles in college and sewed, but didn't make this, as she said "grandmother." I can't wait to show you more pictures tomorrow with close-ups. You know, I think it was made for me too, now that you mentioned it. Again, thanks.

Diane B said...

Well what I really meant, Barbara, was that if a mom sewed, a daughter was more likely to sew, meaning your mom could have acquired her interest that way. Majored in textiles? I can't help but think your mom and her mom shared a fascination with sewing and that type of work. Meaning, THAT grandmother may have been more likely to know someone who could make this wonderful doll. Looking at the new pictures you posted today, it looks like quite a professional job, and every aspect seems professional, as if done by the same person. You have to be filing this under the "questions you wish you had asked ..."