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Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Minutemen Marched Along This Trail

Hartwell Tavern and House, Lincoln, Massachusetts
Circa 1732-1733

"The tavern was on the main road, the "Bay Road," running from Boston through western Massachusetts out to Crown PointN.Y. This was the road that the British troops used on April 19. The soldiers passed by the tavern on their way to Concord, and again on their way back to Boston." The above house, other buildings and about five miles of this road are all in the Minute Man National Historical Park system.

The original road where the Minutemen and British marched from Boston to Concord, and then returned to Cambridge soon after the battle at The Old North Bridge. It is now known as the Battle Road Trail. This road used to be paved, but it was removed over 20 years ago, to make it look ca 1775. It is now perfect for walking to different sites, other buildings, the Visitor's Center and to the site where Paul Revere was captured.


Dee said...

Although I love reading about the specifics of bloggers' family histories, I also love these posts, which bring history home to me through the hard work of preservation by historians.

Loved all these photos! I so enjoy examining them for the signs of how our ancestors lived so long ago.


Michelle Goodrum said...

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. No exception with this series. It really helped me visualize what life was like for these folks. My favorite (besides the woman firing the musket), is the huge fireplace and it's many uses.

Barbara Poole said...

Dee and Michelle, you both wrote the exact type of comments I was hoping to get, and it makes all my trips and photography so worth it. I wanted to show people where and how many New Englanders lived, 300 yrs. ago to more recent times and not just covering my family. Michelle, on another note, we drove by the trail today, and there must be about 10 ca. 1775 homes, some being restored. I intend to take all the photos one of these days.

my Heritage Happens said...

Beautiful photos Barbara. You are fortunate to have access to photos like these to share with others who don't. You have a sharing, caring heart for others. Thank you for a peek into the lifestyle!

Carol said...

You have outdone yourself, AGAIN!!

Melissa Berry said...

Barb Wonderful and the pictures are amazing. I visited places in upstate NY where they marched and the family I used to stay with always found coins on their property. Thanks for this share!

Barbara Poole said...

Cheryl, what a sweet thing to say. I sure would love to show you places, should you ever come out this way. Carol, my photo critic, many thanks. And Melissa, Hey, I wish I thought about coins, but I'm sure that area has been cleaned over, not even a penny left behind, thanks for your comment as well.