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Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Madness -- My madness about The Westford Knight

Update: I finally saw The Westford Knight last year, and my photos are below.

Now why haven't I seen The Westford Knight?  Dick Eastman posted an article about it yesterday (Nov. 2009) in his Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter, full article for Plus subscribers, see:  There have been many newspaper articles and blog postings about it.

On April 11, 2014, Dick Eastman wrote another piece about the Westford Knight. See:

Per The Westford Museum, "According to one account the first Europeans to reach Westford were part of an expedition led by Prince Henry Sinclair, of Scotland. This voyage would have reached the New World in about 1400 A.D. The "Westford Knight" would then be a grave marker for one of the expedition who died near-by. The carvings can be seen as a picture of the Knight, complete with sword."

Photo from Wikipedia.
My husband has seen the stone, but I haven't.  Here is the thing, it is so close to where I live, maybe 4-5 miles away.  I wonder if it has to do with the fact, that I am not related?  I am getting mad right now, and if I didn't have to leave in a few hours, I would drive over right now.  But maybe he is my ancestor, and I've ignored him all these years!

When I do go, I am taking my map with me...hope I don't get lost.


David Brody said...

Hi Barbara. Your post came up as a "Google Alert" in my inbox today. I recently wrote a novel about the Westford Knight, "Cabal of the Westford Knight." I've posted some images of it and related sites on my blog if you're interested.

If you go to see the site, go on a day/time the library is open so you can see the Boat Stone also.

Dave Brody

Barbara Poole said...

David, thank you very much for writing. In a few minutes I will check out your blog. Also, I am excited that you found me through a "google alert" as I use them a lot in doing genealogy research, but it is the first time, anybody found me! I live rather close to the Knight, and am looking forward in seeing it. I hope people who read this, also see that you wrote a novel and check out your site. Thank you.

Heather Rojo said...

Hi Barbara, I just discovered your blog when Tom started his "New England" list for Geneabloggers. I'm a new blogger, too, and the Westford Knight was one of my first blogs back in September. I drive by there a lot (today, too, in fact) but never stopped until I decided that it would make a good blog topic! I'm going to spend tonight looking at the rest of your blog.

Barbara Poole said...

Thanks Heather. You must live in the area. I will look at your blog too.