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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Bradstreet, A Dudley, and Royalty Part 2

Anne Dudley was born 1612 at Northamptonshire, England.
She died September 16, 1672 at Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts.

She married Simon Bradstreet about 1628 in Hardingston, England.

As mentioned in Part 1 Simon Bradstreet and Anne Dudley were my 8th great-grandparents.
And, Randy Seaver's 9th great-grandparents.  So yes, he and I are cousins.

It is unknown where she was buried, but on September 16, 2000 there was a memorial marker placed in the Old North Parish Burying Ground, Andover, Massachusetts.  She lived in Andover at the time of her death. Her husband, now remarried, was buried in Salem, Massachusetts 25 years later.

Anne was an extremely well known poet, and I found this site listing some of her poems Anne's Poems.
I was at this cemetery on Sunday, December 6, 2009 and there were major changes.  Many of the old trees were taken down, and now there is just a field of very old cemetery stones trees in the background.  Since it was bitter cold with snow on the ground, I took a few pictures, but will go back later when the weather is better.  I am very glad they are working on the cemetery, and wouldn't be surprised if they find more stones. Previously, the cemetery was hidden within the trees. I have another direct ancestor buried there.

There are two entries at FindAGrave for Anne Dudley Bradstreet, one is Anne Bradstreet and another for Anne Dudley Bradstreet.  Clearly the same person, but both are listed in different cemeteries.  However, the entrance plaque reads, "This Burying Ground was laid out about 1660 for the First Church of Andover."

Article written by Mass Moments, "Memorial to Anne Bradstreet Dedicated" September 12, 2000.


hummer said...

I love her poetry. What a special lady she must have been. Isn't it wonderful when you can find the written word by those so far back that lets you know who they were inside.
Great post.

Barbara Poole said...

Hi Hummer, Many thanks for the comment. I think all her descendants are proud of her. I wish I could write poems. On the dedication day, I was so proud to be there.

Bentley said...

Hi Barbara! Anne Dudley Bradstreet is my 10th great grandmother. It seems once we get digging we find many cousins out there. I read somewhere that there are about 3 million direct descendants of Gov. Thomas Dudley in the US of A, and if so, we are a pretty big family! I am happy to have found your blog and learn more about my family, and see where you go in New England since I live on the west coast, and don't get to travel much. I have been doing genealogy work for only about 7 years now and find it very exciting to learn new things almost every day. I used to write a lot of poetry, but nothing on the scale or quality of my 10th great grandmother. ~Pat

Barbara Poole said...

Hi Cousin Pat, Thank you for writing and I'm glad you found my blog too. Depending on who you descend through Simon and Anne, we could be related again.

Bentley said...

Cousin Barbara, here's what I have on my ancestry tree:
Gov Thomas Dudley (1576 - 1653)
is my 11th great grandfather

Anne Dudley daughter of Gov Thomas Dudley is my 10th great grandmother, and her daughter Hannah is my 9th great grandmother-
Hannah Bradstreet (1642 - 1707)

Her daughter Mary Wiggin (1668 - 1745)is my 8th great grandmother

Mary Wiggin's son MAJ Ezekiel Gilman (1706 - 1746)is my 7th great grandfather

Mary Gilman (1745 - 1810)
daughter of MAJ Ezekiel Gilman is my 6th great grandmother

Mary Merrill (1771 - 1822)
daughter of Mary Gilman is my 5th great grandmother

Phebe Otis (1795 - 1824)
daughter of Mary Merrill is my 4th great grandmother

Daniel Allman (1818 - 1893)
son of Phebe Otis is my 3rd great grandfather

Eliza Ann Allman (1844 - 1935)daughter of Daniel Allman is my
2nd great grandmother

Mary Lisetta Brown (1863 - 1944)
daughter of Eliza Ann Allman is my great grandmother

Grant Ulysses Walker (1894 - 1965)
son of Mary Lisetta Brown is my maternal grandfather

There certainly were a lot of strong women in this line, and I have some good historical info on each. I don't know if you connect through Hannah or one of the other of Anne's children.

Bentley said...

I have often encountered negative comments about Anne's paternal line and the relation of both the Dudley's and the Thorne's to royal lines. I am satisfied with the proofs I have found, first and easiest - with the Thorne line, and second the more difficult Dudley line. Here is the address of a paper that seeks the proofs for Thomas and Roger's lineage for the Dudley-Sutton's:
Have you reviewed this Barbara, and if so, what do you think of the proofs in this paper?

Barbara Poole said...

Pat, I went to the link, and didn't see a date, I hate when they omit that. He sourced it well, but there is too much to digest, besides, the only way you'll get proof is probably through DNA, if there isn't a true paper trail (wills, deeds, and so forth). In addition, I don't carry my lines out of the country, in other words, I begin with America.

Barbara Poole said...

Pat, regarding your 2nd comment, I descend through her sister Mercy who m. Nathaniel Wade. I'm going to put your names and dates into my tree, if that's okay. I see your Hannah m. in Andover, MA, that is so close to me. I did a post about the oldest cemete
Also, you can see my tree on RootsWeb at:
If you write again, please use my email listed on my blog. Many thanks.

Judith Smith said...

Anne Dudley Bradstreet was my 8th great-grandmother. This is all so fascinating! What an interesting lady she must have been!

Barbara Poole said...

Judith, thank you for your comment, and I love having another cousin through Anne. This was among my earliest blog posts and I'm glad you found it.

Scott Lord said...

We are studying the poetry of Anne Bradstreet in a massive open online course offered by Harvard in conjunction with Harvard Poetry Edx. It began today, so its not too late and is free with no prerequisites.

Anonymous said...

I just found out Simon Bradstreet and Anne are my 8xG Grandparents! How awesome!
Haven't been doing genealogy very long at all.

April (Anonymous because I don't know my Google Account, too many years)

A Dogs Life said...

Hi, Anne and Simon are my kids 10th great grandparents.
Simon Bradstreet - Anne Dudley
John Bradstreet - Sarah Perkins
Samuel Bradstreet - Sarah Clark
Samuel Bradstreet - Ruth Lamson
Samuel Bradstreet - Matilda Foster
Samuel Bradstreet - Mehitable Gould
Austin Bradstreet - Meriette Perrin
William Russell Bradstreet - Hattie A. Bronson
Mabel Bradstreet - Edwin Dorr Hiscock (my kids great great grandparents).

judith manion said...

Hi everyone ... Anne Dudley Bradstreet is my 8th great-grandmother, on my Father's side. His mother was a Bradstreet, the last to use the surname, before her marriage. She had two brothers, neither of whom had children, so the surname stopped at that point. My father carried Bradstreet as a middle name, as does my one nephew. Our line is descended from Anne and Simon's son John, the last born to them, Andover 1652.

Bentley said...

Hello Judith! We are distant cousins. We share the same 8th gr-gma and gr-gpa, and we follow Anne back through both her mother and father many generations. See: Royal Families of America. Nice to "meet" you!