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Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Favorite Historical Society is on a Stamp!

After posting my blog about the Revolutionary War Red Coat worn by my ancestor recently, I received an email from a Canadian friend and this wonderful photo of a brand new Canadian stamp, issued January 11th.  It is a picture of the Missisquoi Historical Society, in Stanbridge East, Quebec, Canada.  She knew I would be thrilled.  Additional photos of the stamp are at their site  (scroll down).  Since this is a new web page, it wasn't up the day I posted my above blog  yesterday...things move fast.

I love this Society for three reasons:

First, it houses collections of my ancestors, not only for display but in research material. It is where I went to get help from the wonderful archivist, Judy Antle one day.  Second, it is so beautiful an area, you want to move there immediately, especially if you have ancestors from that area.  Third, the staff is very friendly and helpful, and the ones who were there in 1999 are still there.  Anybody who has ancestors in The Eastern Townships will want to visit this Museum and spend time in the Archives.  This area is just over the Vermont border, and fortunately, I can get there in about six hours.  My grandmother grew up there, so my mother visited often as a child to see her grandparents.  I in turn went up as a child to visit my great aunts, and other relatives.

Not wanting to leave out my first cousin, once removed, who was the archivist at the above Society for a number of years.  She wrote many articles, and some about our ancestors.  She deserves an entire blog dedicated to her.

After the visit to the Archives, my husband and I were armed with maps indicating cemeteries.  This may be hard to believe, but I found all 22 cemetery stones of my direct ancestors!

Additional information.  In January 2013, CBS did a news segment on our 21st President Chester Alan Arthur and obtained proof that he was indeed born in the Bedford, Missisquoi, Quebec. Both the curator, Heather Darch, and archivist, Judy Antle*) were shown in the clip as well as the storage area of the Missisquoi Museum! You may view that show HERE. (

Photo of Judy Antle prior to her March 2015 death.

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