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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Historical Societies -- New England Photos

What do a train depot, old bank, old church, an old one-room school house, and an old dwelling have in common? They are now homes to Historical Societies, and I feel sentimental about these buildings because of the good memories associated with them in their new life. In the future, as I photo more, I will add them to this site.

What can a person say about Historical Societies? I think we all love them, and if you look hard enough you will probably see one in every town.  Recently, my husband and I passed quite a few, and I decided to take some photos. Time didn't permit us to stop, but that was okay, as we had been in several, and my husband is a member of one as well.

The Kennebunkport Historical Society in Maine was simply darling, in an old one room schoolhouse. I noticed that they are only open six hours a week, three hours on two days. You had better be extremely prepared when you go there. It was closed when we stopped.

In York, Maine, the Old York Historical Society, below, is in the center of town. It used to be a bank. My husband and I did quite a bit of research in there, as he has old from there. The location is great, because you can walk to shops and get a bite to eat.

The Church below has been home to the Historical Society of Wells and Ogunquit of Maine for 31 years. My husband has been a member for about 10 years, and I have done research there. There is a great collection of resources for all New England states in the Genealogy and History Department upstairs. The Church is used for weddings, and there is a Museum as well on the first floor.

Two sidewalks have been made with memorial bricks.

The four below are in Massachusetts

I used this Society when I needed information on Simon Bradstreet and his wife Anne Dudley.

Above is the Lexington Historical Society in Lexington, Massachusetts
I have several ancestors from this town, and I grew up there, but have never been in the building. The old train depot has been put to good use.

The next three photos are of the Chelmsford Historical Society.
Although I lived and went to High School in this town, it wasn't until the past month that I discovered where the Society is located (not in the center of town, like most).

Dracut Historical Society, Dracut, Massachusetts
On the porch is the display below.
From Maine is this beautiful building, home to the
Pejepscot Historical Society Museums in Brunswick.
Pejepscot Historical Society Museums Web Page