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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - WADE of Massachusetts (2 Generations)

Ye Olde Medford Burying Ground, also called Salem St. Cemetery
Medford, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts

Nathaniel Wade
Born:  1648, Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts
Died:  November 28, 1707, Medford, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts
His wife, Mercy Bradstreet
Born:  1647, Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts
Died:  October 05, 1714, Medford, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts

Their son Samuel Wade and wife, Lydia Newhall are also buried here.

They were my 7th and 6th great-grandparents.

"Here lies ye body of Maj. Nathaniel Wade died Nov. ye 28, 1707 in ye 60 year of his age.
Here lies ye body of Marcy Wade, wife to Maj. Nathaniel Wade died Oct. ye 5 1714 in ye 68 yr. of her age.
Here lies ye body of Capt. Samuel Wade son of Maj. Nathaniel Wade, died Dec. ye 9, 1738, age 55 years. Also his son Nathaniel whose record is lost.
Elizabeth wife of Maj. John Wade died 1788. Maj. John Wade died Jan. 29, 1821 age 79 yrs. Rebecca widow of Maj. John Wade died June 1846 age 74 yrs."


Heather Rojo said...

Very nice photograph, the lettering shows up nicely. Usually these ledger style stones are too weathered to read. I'm related to Samuel Wade's wife, Lydia Newhall, through her maternal Greene lineage.

Barbara Poole said...

Thanks Heather. And, of course, Lydia Newhall is my 6th great-grandmother. Is that the same as you, was she a direct?

Heather Rojo said...

No, she's not a direct ancestor. My closest ancestor to Lydia Newhall is Thomas Greene and Elizabeth Lynde. There are lots of Newhalls in my notes because I have a lot of Lynn ancestors, but they are all just marriages and cousins.

Randy Seaver said...

Hi Barbara,

Nathaniel and Mercy (Bradstreet) Wade are my 8th great-grandparents.

Thanks for the photos - I haven't been to Medford yet! It's almost time for another trip to New England, I think!