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Friday, October 22, 2010

Asking For Help

First, I am sorry that some of you may have seen a duplicate post this morning. That being of the Descendants of  James Cutler. I was making some changes in it, which was posted last week, October 16th. So when I was done, I assumed it would go back into the October 16th slot, but instead it was posted and I was very surprised to see it in the dashboard.

Two questions, am I the only one who can see it in this morning's dashboard? And if not (and you can see it), how do I get around this problem. I have a lot of the Surname Saturday posts I would like to update, and I don't want all of you to be bothered with seeing them again. Many thanks for any help.


Vickie Everhart said...

Good morning, Barbara in Massachusetts . . . I do see it on the dashboard listing as well as in Google Reader as a new post this a.m. . . . I go back and edit / update old posts quite often, and if I have had this happen I am not yet aware of it . . . I also sometimes CHOOSE to repost an old blogpost and I do that by clicking on the POST OPTIONS while in EDIT and changing the date . . . hope this isn't some new glitch in blogger! V.

Carol said...

The change to Cutler did show on my google reader, but is dated October 16, I do not see TWO postings.

I think I would post changes in a NEW post, showing link back to old one, stating something like, note the following changes to my prior post. Benefit: will show twice on searches, giving you twice the chance of finding cousins.

The other thing I would do, if you still want to edit prior posts is to click on that "Post ptions" thingy, and be VERY sure the date that shows under SCHEDULED is the date you want to renew/repost.

I have done what you are doing, edited a older post and it delivered to my email (as I have ALL posts I do). This post was several weeks or even months old. When I edit a recent post I don't get a new delivery in my email.

I do not know the effect of "corrective" posting has on my followers google reader, etc. Maybe they see something everytime, even when I fix something small like a paragraph return. If so, sorry gang, you have my empathy.

Elizabeth O'Neal said...

Hi Barbara -- Yes, I can see the Cutler post in today's listing (Google Reader).

I think the way to prevent this is to check the date before you post. Make sure the date is the same as the original post, and it will go back where it belongs. Or... you could just rename the post to something like "Surname Saturday UPDATE," and that would let everyone know that you found new information on that name. I think the latter might be more effective for letting folks know you've got new info; otherwise, they're not likely to revisit previous posts.

Barbara said...

Thank you all. I had it dated for October 16th, and that is why I was surprised. I think I have two options, time them in the middle of the night, or put Update on them. Bummer, because they are long. Really, I appreciate your replies so quickly.

Heather Rojo said...

Elizabeth, that is a good idea about renaming the new post UPDATE. However, it doesn't answer the original question. I think Google has changed things somewhat, and we are going to have to learn to work around it.

Susan Petersen said...

With Google Reader, if you've edited a post and your reader hasn't opened their Google Reader yet, they won't see a duplicate posting.

My guess is that what happened is that while you were editing, you clicked on Save as Draft rather than Save or Publish. That would place the post back in your Dashboard.

Apple said...

I'm hoping this is just a blogger glitch. I use the same date (Dec 2006) for all of my index pages which are actually individual posts. I edit them often and do not believe they have ever shown up in my feed.

Barbara said...

I appreciate the many replies and different solutions. I'll be doing a change for my FARMER line, so I'll take a much closer look at what I am doing. Thank you.

Darlene said...

I just checked this out to see if it would work. You could also work it the same way you do your scheduled posts. Click the Post Options link which is right above the Publish Post button. And backdate it from there. That works.

Barbara said...

Hi Darlene, I see on the dashboard and reader that you did a test, and I thank you. But, I am trying to fix my blog without it showing up again in those places, but go automatically back to the original old date. I appreciate your input, many thanks.