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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Business Cards for Genealogists

While commenting to another blogger, John Tew, about business cards, I wanted to show him what I did for mine and the company I used, and what I learned. I also learned you can't post a photo into a blog comment, so I had to compose a post in order to show the business card.

I've been using business cards since 1999 when I attended a national conference. Back then, I printed my own, putting in my name, email address and a list of surnames. All one color, one side, and nothing fancy. From there I went to Staples and the format was pretty much the same, except that the surnames were on the opposite side. A few years ago, I discovered Moo ( after seeing a card that Heather Rojo used. I loved the fact that I could use my own photos. Below is the back with my signature blog header, and the other side, a photo taken at a Concord, MA cemetery, and a little information.

If I need to order more, I'll make a few changes. First, I'll add my facebook address, add Lowell for my city and make sure my blog address is correct! I forgot the www, it's kind of embarrassing to tell people it's wrong, even though if they type the below, they will still reach me. Be sure to double check before ordering.

The card is a little glossy and people, non-genealogists also, are impressed with this style, rounded corners and clarity of the photos. The nice thing is you can put anything you want on to your card, like all your urls,  phone numbers, etc. Make it stand out, people will look at it.


John D. Tew said...

Barbara: Thanks for posting a photo of your card. A picture is worth a thousand words and I can see what you described in your comment. You have one of the great blog header photos! :-)

Barbara Poole said...

John, I had been meaning to write this post a long time, you just pushed me to do it this morning, so I thank you for that and the header complement.
Welcome to the world of blogging.

Miriam J. Robbins said...

I love both and VistaPrint and have used both in the past. Thanks for the reminder...I do need to get more printed up!

Barbara Poole said...

From: Suzie Henderson wrote:
If you use Dropbox, you can put the image of your business card into the "Public" folder. Right click the image. Choose Dropbox then "Copy public link" and then paste that link into your comment. Anyone clicking on the link will then see your card image.

I do this all the time in text only mailing lists.

Jana Last said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing this Barbara.

Marian Burk Wood said...

Barbara, thanks for this tip. I've used VistaPrint in the past for other cards, and I like its color and quality. Good luck and I hope your cards bring you in touch with distant relatives!

safdar said...

What a great idea. I really like it. Thanks for sharing.

Raised By Bears said...

For several segments of my family - a business card would be an excellent suggestion. I suggested something similar at the family reunion we attend most often - the Dahl Family reunion. Mostly farmers, they meet every year. Alternating years, it will be at a small park out in the prairie - the next year it will be a three day affair at a bible camp in NE Minnesota attended by several hundred to 1000 people. I suggested cards. I was advised, "Come more often - you'll get to know more people."

Raised By Bears said...

An excellent idea! I have exchanged professional cards at family reunions, several times.

I did have to laugh though. The largest family reunion we attend (very close - they meet annually) - mostly farmers - the suggestion was met with blank stares and the comment, "Come more often - you'll get to know more people."