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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Do You Know?

As of May 31, 2013, there are now 100 Million grave records on FindAGrave. Their announcement is as follows:

Find A Grave passes the 100 MILLION mark!
And we're growing faster than ever!
Last month, Find A Grave contributors added
2 million new memorials and 1.8 million new photos!
Go, Team Find A Grave, Go! 
Now, on to the next 100 million... 
[Click to visit the 100 millionth memorial]

How long does it take Find A Grave to add a million grave records into their site?

By my calculation it is now taking just a little over 3 weeks. I base this on my visual viewing of their site, since I am on it almost every day. The weeks between December 7 and January 1 took a little bit longer to reach the million mark, due to holiday activities. I say by August 15th they will hit the 100,000,000 mark. What do you think? (I now think June 5th. (Date picked on April 26th))

In November, I wrote, Have You Looked Lately? a short piece about FindAGrave. For each new figure, I updated my blog to reflect the stats.

** While I was working with Find A Grave today, December 7, 2012, the total went to 91 million  grave records.

** The total is now 92 million grave records as of January 1, 2013!

** The total is now 93 million grave records as of January 22, 2013!

** The total is now 94 million grave records as of February 13, 2013!

** The total is now 95 million grave records as of March 4, 2013!

** The total is now 96 million grave records as of March 24, 2013!

** The total is now 97 million grave records as of April 11, 2013!

** The total is now 98 million grave records as of April 26, 2013!

** The total is now 99 million grave records as of May 14, 2013!