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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lee Harvey Oswald's Wife and my Uncle, a Connection

My aunt, uncle and mother
I've never written about any living members of my family, but when I found out that a story I heard many years ago is indeed true, I thought maybe just this once I could write something. My uncle is a retired doctor, a former obstetrician. Every once in a while I google my name, and members of my family, who are quite scattered around the country, there is mention of one of the names, but there isn't anything that would cause me to break my promise to myself about not writing about them. But, I found something a few weeks ago, and am breaking that promise.

I'll share what I was told by somebody, who, I don't know. Either my mother, aunt or even the doctor/uncle. He was Marina Oswald's doctor, she being the wife of Lee Harvey Oswald who shot President John F. Kennedy. I don't remember my reaction upon hearing this, nor do I remember when, maybe the 60s, 70s, or 80s...I just don't know. Over the years, I forgot about it and even wondered if it was a dream because I forgot so much.

During this time of google searching, my uncle's name came up several times in a document, Oswald, Marina Protective Custody of Sec. Service, Records of the John F. Kennedy Assassination Collection: Key Persons Files. I wasn't totally surprised, but was glad there was proof that the old story was true. Once I found his name, I skimmed through the 80 page document and thought I'd just share a few lines from it. When Marina was protected by the Secret Service, everything was documented, and may be read in the released document by the NARA seen HERE. My uncle's name is on the page dated January 10, 1964 (page 37 on the tab), and since many of you probably know the surname, you will see it (I'm trying to protect his name from the internet), or just look for the word doctor. Also, reading the historical document might be of interest to you. Perhaps my uncle was her doctor for many years, maybe her husbands? children? or just Marina's for those months after the assassination, I'll never know. But, in a little over two months, she saw him at least twice. In addition to her hour-by-hour schedule during these months, Marina answers many questions regarding her husband, before November 22, 1963, most things I never knew about, a lot about his rifle.

From the pdf document, I'll share the below:

Protection of Oswald Family
"In the early afternoon of November 24, 1963, while at the Parkland Hospital, after the death of Lee Harvey Oswald, I received a telephone call from Headquarters stating that the President had issued orders that the entire Oswald family should be protected to prevent any harm befalling the mother, brother, widow, or children of Lee Harvey Oswald.

At the time the Oswald family were at the hospital retrieving the remains of Oswald and were discussing funeral arrangements, and receiving spiritual consolation from the chaplain at the hospital. They had been brought to the hospital by Special Agents Howard and Kunkel who previously had arranged to interview the Oswalds with the assistance of Mr. Peter Paul Gregory. I instructed SA Howard and Kunkel to accompany the Oswald to safe destinations when their visit at the hospital had been completed and to continue their attempts to interview each of them. They indicated to me that they had made prior arrangements at a motel."

Feb. 7, 1964: the Protective Detail assigned to Mrs. Marina. Oswald was discontinued at the Willard Hotel.

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