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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Paul Revere and Other Notables in the Granary Burial Ground, Boston, 1660

It's no secret that I love cemeteries. Because of this blog, I decided to visit the Granary Burial Ground in Boston to share photos of what I saw in this 1660 cemetery.
Paul Revere
Born in Boston.
January 1734
May 1818
The above is the monument erected many years after his tombstone marker was. Below is a closeup photo of Paul Revere's tomb.

Tour guide talking to students and tourists at the Paul Revere markers.
Here Lies Buried
Signer of the Declaration of Independence
Governor of this Commonwealth
A Leader of Men and an Ardent Patriot
Born 1722    Died 1803

Here Lyes the Body of
Mary Goose Wife to
Isaac Goose Aged 42
Years Decd October
Ye 19th 1690
This memorial is for John Hancock.

Old tombstones are along the edge of the cemetery, right up against various buildings, the one above is a restaurant!


Elizabeth Handler said...

This is a great cemetery. And you remind me that I have yet to blog about my famous ancestor, Samuel Sewall!

Nancy said...

It looks like a beautiful cemetery. It also looks like it's in the center of the city (or somewhere inside the city near large modern buildings) which makes me love and Boston for allowing it. Thanks for sharing the photos, Barbara.
P.S. Who knew that Paul Revere lived so long? Not me!

Barbara Poole said...

Elizabeth, glad I helped with the reminder. I gather you've seen his stone, since you don't live too far away, but if not, I could take it for you.
Nancy, yes you are correct in thinking it is in the center of the is, and not too far from the Boston Common. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos.

Elizabeth Handler said...

Barbara, Yes I have been to this cemetery and seen Samuel Sewall's gravestone. Thanks for your offer!