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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Blizzard of 2015

Right now, on January 27, 2015 the storm is still blowing, and I've decided to use this post to share photos, once I am able to get outside to take pictures.

In the meantime, HERE is a link to the Live Storm Cam from the Lowell Sun newspaper located on Dutton Street. As of 9:20, you can't even see across Dutton Street to the parking lot area of the National Park Service. NOTE: The webcam is now turned off. I believe it will be turned on again, for the next major storm, as it was last year.

We have received 33" as of 9:30 pm, and it is still snowing.

These photos were taken January 28th and January 31st. 

Both Central and Merrimack Streets are two-way, and as you can see, there are no cars and no places to park.

Credit to Mill City News.


Raised By Bears said...

Looks like they got the plows out right away.

Barbara Poole said...

They were out during the storm. This morning when I took the pictures, they were everywhere, I was lucky and didn't get them in my pictures. Westford St. is shown in my first 2, and last 2 was plowed pretty good, but still, I was worried about sliding a few times.

John D. Tew said...

These photos bring me back! I love snow and actually miss snowy winters here in VA. Back in the early 60s, when I lived in Salem Depot and Concord, NH, I can recall some serious snow. In Concord it got so deep one year that the middle of the main street downtown was used to pile up snow. I could stand on one side of the street and not see the first floor of buildings on the other side. They actually used front-end loaders to put snow into trucks and they hauled it to the Merrimack River and dumped it in the river!