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Monday, August 1, 2016

I am Really Going Nuts with Russia

During the past month, there has been a large increase in my stats, and I'm not happy about it. I only wrote five posts in July and am happy with the response I received. The problem is with the Russians! They seem to be reading my posts or doing something else with my data. Let me explain. I haven't written a post in a week, yet my stats show 2180 hits came from Russia this week, vs. 700 from the United States. I can't figure out why, nor do I know what they are looking at. It makes me nervous and nuts.
Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers
United States

The listing below is for the past 24 hours or so. The links are active, so you could read these articles, if you want to. The numbers reflect the hits. Now, I ask, why would 19 people be reading about my two-year old blog, or 14 people interested in seeing my 2nd great-grandfather age through photographs and pictures?

I'm still trying to decide what to do, but until then, I'll share what somebody out there is  interested in.

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Linda Stufflebean said...

I don't know what Blogger offers, but WordPress has the Wordfence plug-in. I pay for the premium version, which allows me to block entire countries at one time. Check with other Blogger users to find out if there is an equivalent product.

Marian B. Wood said...

I have the exact same problem. Hundreds or thousands of views every day from Russia! Things have slowed down a little after 6 months of this pattern. I did try deleting one of the posts that was particularly attractive to these viewers but it didn't really have an impact except to shift views elsewhere. Barbara, if you find a solution, please post. Thank you!

Amanda (the librarian) said...

I personally would not want to block an entire country. What if you have ancestors from there or kin from there?

I too use Blogger and also get tons of hits from Russia. I don't think most of the stats are particularly helpful in any case, at least as far as country of origin is concerned, or on what posts are getting the most hits. I do find the search keywords interesting - they are probably the best clue as to which posts are most popular. I'm most interested in comments - which might be kin or other clues for my research.

John D. Tew said...

I have -- and have had for some time -- the same irritating issue with views from Russia. As of today it is 1, 487 from Russia and 150 from the U.S. Any connection I might have to Russia genealogically speaking is so remote as to be near non-existent and if someone can tell me how to block that entire country, I am happy to do so. The potential risk from Russian views is just not worth it in my humble opinion.


BDM said...

Exact same thing with all my blogs, Barbara. What on earth are these Russians up to?!

Barbara Poole said...

I want to go through all your posts and just haven't had the time, yet. Scary about all the Russian hits, and I can see why you would be concerned! Just wanted to let you know that you have some very appreciative American followers out there, who hope you won't be discouraged.

Warm regards,
Sharon Ellis

Barbara Poole said...


I appreciate your comments and suggestion of blocking (if I used WordPress). A Google search with the terms (Google, Blogger, Russia, pageviews) brought up a lot of similar complaints like mine, and No solutions. Seems that a lot of the bloggers are in the same boat. Thank you.

Joan said...

I have to add my name to this list. I haven't posted during the past week or so because of this problem. The hits reduced, but not completely, then this morning I had a huge increase in US viewing. Ordinarily, I would love those kind of stats but now I am a bit queasy on the whole thing. I have read as much as I can, and talked with folks that are much more computer savy and cool heads.

The message that I have been getting is that I should go ahead and blog and continue doing what I am doing, but also make sure my protection in terms of pws and privacy is as strong as I can make it --- and always monitor my system.

For me, blocking seems to obviate my purpose in blogging, so .... I shall again start blogging -- but carefully watching other areas of my online presences.

I appreciate hearing the thoughts and concerns of my fellow bloggers. Thanks, Barbara for posting you concerns.

Schalene Dagutis said...

I look for referring links when my stats look off. Then I report the link to blogger. Within two or three days those sites are removed and no longer show up in my states. I've found them to be quite responsive. I haven't tried blocking entire countries yet. Sounds so powerful! ;)

Family Sleuther said...

I've had this same problem off and on too. Fortunately, the stats aren't inflating numbers for individual posts just the site as a whole. Some of the commenters on Facebook with Russian ancestry have said they'd love to have this viewership. From the list of referring links, it's pretty clear these are spammers who are looking to find ways to use your page to send spam to others (as other bloggers online mentioned is their purpose), and are not interested in genealogy. Fortunately, Google has good security to help prevent that. I think Schalene's idea of reporting the referring links is a good one. Curiously, I also use Google Analytics for my site. The list of visiting countries never includes Russia even when my blogger stats have it going through the roof. Perhaps they do a better job of culling the spamming visitors (although that would be odd since they're both Google products).