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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Where are Some Participants of the Boston Tea Party Buried?

Earlier this March, my husband and I played tourists in Boston. Although there was snow on the ground, it was a nice day for plenty of walking. I came across a sign at King's Chapel Burying Ground listing many of the participants of the Boston Tea Party, so I decided to show the cemeteries where they were buried. The first three listed are very near each other, but because of the snow, we didn't walk through them. The last photo was taken in the summer and is a distance away. Last year I did a post, "How Do You Find Your Ancestors in the Boston Cemeteries?" This post tells you exactly how to see if your ancestors were buried in Boston and in which cemetery.

Central Burying Ground (located in the Boston common).

Thomas Bolter
David Bradlee
Josiah Bradlee
Nathaniel Bradlee
Thomas Bradlee
Amass David
Robert Davis
John Gammell
Edward Compton Howe
John May
Henry Purkitt
Samuel Sprague
John Spurr
Bartholomew Trow
Josiah Wheeler

Granary Burying Ground.

Henry Bass
Seth Ingersoll Brown
Thomas Chase
Ezekiel Cheever
Adam Collson
Joseph Eaton
Samuel Gore
Joseph Lee
Matthew Loring
William Molineux
Thomas Moore
William Pierce
Paul Revere
Joseph Shed
David Williams

King's Chapel Burying Ground.

Thomas Crafts
William Haskins
Archibald Macneil
Thomas Melville
Isaac Pitman
Lendall Pitts
Samuel Pitts
Henry Prentiss

Copp's Hill Burying Ground.

Nathaniel Barber
Joseph Bassett
James Brewer
John Brown
Stephen Bruce
Benjamin Clark
Jonathan Clark
John Decarteret
Benjamin Edes
Thomas Fracker
Nathaniel Frothingham, Jr.
Samuel Hayward
Eleazer Gay
Moses Grant
John Hooton
Jonathan Hunnewell
Richard Hunnewell
Richard Hunnewell, Jr.
Daniel Ingersol
John Marston
Joseph Mountfort
     Nathaniel Prentiss
Edward Proctor
Josiah Snelling
    John Truman