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Monday, September 10, 2012

Massachusetts Remembers 9/11 with Memorial and Names

When I came across the Boston memorial to the 206 Massachusetts victims of September 11, 2001, one day while strolling in the Public Gardens, I knew I had to share my photos and more importantly, the names of all those from Massachusetts who died. We will never forget.

Taken today, September 11, 2012

Stephen G. Adams, Gertrude “Trudi” Alagero, Anna S.W. Allison, Barbara Arestegui, Myra Aronson, Yaphet Aryee, Garnet “Ace” Bailey, Christine Johanna Barbuto, Mark Lawrence Bavis, Graham Berkeley, David W. Bernard, Mark Bingham, Jeffrey D. Bittner, Susan Leigh Blair, Kelly Booms, Carol Bouchard, John B. Cahill, Michael R. Canty, Christoffer M. Carstanjen, Neilie Anne Hefferman Casey, William Caspar, Swarna Chalasani, Stephen Cherry, Geoffrey William Cloud, Jeffrey D. Collman, Kevin Patrick Connors, Jeffrey William Coombs, John “Jay” Corcoran, Fredrick John Cox, Tara Kathleen Creamer, Thelma Cuccinello, Patrick J. Currivan, Dorothy de Araujo, Gerald F. DeConto, Manuel Del Valle, Gerard P. Dewan, Simon Dhanani, David DiMeglio, Donald A. DiTullio, Alberto Dominguez, Jamie Lynn Fallon, Alexander M. Filipov, John R. Fisher, Richard Fitzsimons, Carol Flyzik, Alan Friedlander, Paul J. Friedman, Karleton Douglas Beye Fyfe, Thomas Edward Galvin, Douglas Gardner, Peter A. Gay, Linda Mae George, Edmund Glazer, Lynn Catherine Goodchild, Peter M. Goodrich, Lisa Fenn Gordenstein, Douglas A. Gowell, Andrew Curry Green, Donald Freeman Greene, Francis Grogan, Philip Guza, Paige Farley Hackel, Maile Hale, Carl Hammond, Christine Lee Hanson, Peter Burton Hanson, Sue Kim Hanson, Gerald Hardacre, Melissa Harrington-Hughes, Eric Hartono, John C. Hartz, Peter P. Hashem, James E. Hayden, Robert J. Hayes, Roberta Bernstein Heber, Edward R. Hennessy, Norberto Hernandez, Todd R. Hill, Cora Hidalgo Holland, Herbert Wilson Homer, John Nicholas Humber, William Christopher Hunt, Waleed Joseph Iskandar, Erik Hans Isbrandtsen, Aaron J. Jacobs, Ariel L. Jacobs, Jason K. Jacobs, Robert A. Jalbert, Gricelda E. Garo James, Amy Nicole Jarret, John Jenkins, Joseph Jenkins, Charles E. Jones, Jennifer Lynn Kane, Robin L. Kaplan, Robert A. Kaulfers, Richard Keane, Barbara A. Keating, Ralph F. Kershaw, Brian Kevin Kinney, David P. Kovalcin, Kathryn L. LaBorie, Judy C. Larocque, Natalie ”Janis” Lasden, Robert G. LeBlanc, Dong Lee, Joseph A. Lenihan, Jeffrey LeVeen, Daniel Lewin, Sara Low, Sean P. Lynch, Marianne MacFarlane, Susan McAleney Mackay, L. ”Neil” Mariani, Kenneth J. Marino, Karen Martin, Joseph Mathai, Margaret Mattic, Kevin M. McCarthy, Juliana Valentine McCourt, Ruth Clifford McCourt, Michael Gregory McGinty, Thomas F. McGuinness, Gavin McMahon, Christopher Daniel Mello, Stuart Todd Meltzer, Raymond Joseph Metz, Martin P. Michelstein, Craig J. Miller, Antonio Montoya, Carlos Montoya, Laura Lee Defazio Morabito, Christopher M. Morrison, Brian Joseph Murphy, Mildred Rose Naiman, Shawn M. Nassaney, Laurie Olsen Neira, Renee Tetreault Newell, Kathleen Anne Nicosia, Jacqueline Norton, Robert Norton, John Ogonowski, Leah E. Oliver, Seamus O’Neal, Betty Ann Ong, Jane M. Orth, Marie Pappalardo, Robert Pattison, Thomas Nicholas Pecorelli, Todd D. Pelino, Berinthia Berenson Perkins, Jean Peterson, Dennis J. Pierce, Everett ”Marty” Proctor, Carrie Beth Progen, Sonia Mercedes Morales Puopolo, Patrick J. Quigley, Jonathan C. Randall, David E. Retik, Vanesha Richards, Fredrick J. Rimmele, Isaias Rivera, Waleska Martinez Rivera, Stephen L. Roach, Raymond J. Rocha, Laura Rockefeller, Jean D. Rogér, Philip M. Rosenzweig, Richard Barry Ross, Michael Craig Rothberg, James M. Roux, Jessica Leigh Sachs, Rahma Salie, Jesus ”JR” Sanchez, Matthew Carmen Sellitto, Kathleen Shearer, Robert M. Shearer, Antoinette Sherman, Jane Louise Simpkin, Heather Smith, Dianne Bullis Snyder, Timmothy C. Stout, Edward W. Straub, Brian David Sweeney, Madeline Amy Sweeney, Kevin T. Szocik, Deborah Tavolarella, Leonard Taylor, Michael Theodoridis, Eric Thorpe, Alicia Titus, Amy E. Toyen, Daniel Trant, Jim Trentini, Mary Trentini, Tyler Ugolyn, Michael Augustine Uliano, Kenneth E. Waldie, Meta Fuller Waller, Stephen Ward, William Michael Weems, John J. Wenckus, Peter M. West, Maudlyn A. White, Candace Lee Williams, Christopher R. Zarba.
The list of names came from 9/11 Victims With Massachusetts Ties (CBS Boston, September 11, 2011). Click on names to read their profiles.  The Massachusetts 9/11 Fund has a few activities for tomorrow, September 11, 2012. I am posting this a day early so that some of you might wish to attend tomorrow.


Wendy L. Callahan said...

Such a sad day. Even one name was too many.

Heather Rojo said...

Tears are flowing. Thanks for posting this. My husband stopped on his way to Logan Airport this morning to put a flower next to Chuck Jones's name. He was his co-worker, and was killed on Flight 11. PS I'm adding your transcription to my list of Honor Rolls at I'll have to change the name from Veteran's to just Honor Roll this November.

Susan Clark said...

Thank you, Barbara. The wounds in Boston were so deep.

Les said...

That looks like a really nice memorial. It's a day we'll remember forever.