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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Harvard Public Library, Harvard, Massachusetts (History / Genealogy Room)

Although I have often been through the small town of Harvard, Massachusetts, I had never seen the Library. We found it recently, and I'm so glad to say, it has one of the best genealogy and local history sections I've seen. The Harvard Public Library isn't old, but looks it because it is attached to an old school (I believe) as you can see from the two following photos.

I introduced myself to the librarian, and she was happy to show us the locked room where the local history and genealogy books were held. There were great resources, and I only wished I had more than 32 people in my tree with Harvard roots, so I could make use of this room.

While looking at the holdings, my husband brought me a book, see below. I was thrilled, since I wrote a post about Brook Farm in Roxbury, Massachusetts last year. The interesting thing is, I'd never seen this book, and the library at NEHGS doesn't have a copy.

When I asked the librarian where the original library was, she pointed to the photo above. Yes, it was still standing, and after we got directions, off we went to find it, in the center of town. It is now used for an art center, I believe.


Nancy said...

Both buildings are beautiful. Maybe it's just the red brick or maybe it's the general similarity of architecture of Harvard or that time period but I think they look very similar.

Barbara Poole said...

Nancy, I love red brick and I think it adds a lot of character to a library, esp. around here. The majority of building in Lowell are brick, being that they are old mills, but they are still very attractive. Thanks, Nancy. (I have two more to post, they are of brick too!)