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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Proctor of Lowell, MA and Salem, MA -- Tombstone Tuesday

I noticed the first of the fall leaves falling on September 28, 2014, while in the Lowell Cemetery. As I entered the surname Proctor as a label (on the right side of this post), I saw I hadn't entered my own ancestor's surname John Proctor of Ipswich, Massachusetts. John was hanged as a witch on August 19, 1692. Unfortunately, I don't know if the family below was related to the one from Ipswich.
James Proctor
1795  --  1862
Joan Boynton
1796  --  1877
Thomas W. Proctor
1834  --  1850
Seward N. Proctor
1829  --  1910
Lydia M. Dinsmore
1830  --  1855
His Wife

Betsy A. Boynton
1837  --  1907
His Wife

Elvira B. Proctor
1857  --  1857
Emma J. Proctor
1869  --  1871
Arthur J. Proctor
1873  --  1874
Eva M. Proctor
1878  --  1938
This cemetery is called, Lowell Cemetery.

John Proctor
August 1692
Age 60

He was my 9th great-grandfather.

The Burying Point Cemetery
 Salem, Massachusetts

The Site of the Salem Witch Trial Hangings Finally Has a Memorial
From the Smithsonian magazine, July 13, 2017, by