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For four years I’ve blogged mostly about my personal genealogy in New England (Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire), New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada. I still will, can’t forget my own roots.

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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Never Say Never Even at the End

This photo don't mean much to anybody, other than to the person who suggested I go there. There is a historic house on this land and I knew it would be a topic for a post. I was told about this a good four months ago, and I finally went only to be told I couldn't take interior photos of this estate. Apparently the city owned property is currently discussing polity about photos taken on their property. Naturally, I was a tad upset, but, my thoughts were, I will return, in the spring with hopes that photography will be allowed. I intend it to be my first post, if I return to blogging. Yes, you read right. For about five years, I've been thinking about ending my seven year old blog.

This shouldn't come to any surprise, especially if you already blog. You know how much time it takes to do a post, and in my case, to go and take photos and attempt to write something interesting. Over the years, I've followed over 300 blogs, and many have ended, a few bloggers have slowed down and a few writers have come back. The one issue I had with blogging was, it was always on my mind, in the way that I wondered if it was good enough to share, was my grammar correct (probably not), could I find time to write my next post and so forth. (I had enough topics, but not the time.) My regular genealogy research has suffered because of the blogging, I want to get back to it and other hobbies. So I'll close with this 1,257th post for now. In about five months, I'll make the decision regarding returning, and that's why I titled this, "Never Say Never Even at the End." Thank you to all the friends, and wonderful readers who were kind enough to leave me comments or write me personally. I'll still hang around on Facebook, read blogs and make corrections and/or additions to update previous posts.

I found it quite interesting that none of my top nine posts are about my genealogy research. As shown below, and on the sidebar of each post, google determines which are my top nine posts based on hits. Three pertain to memorials, one about my Brick Walls, one regarding many examples of genealogy charts that were given to me, one on the surname Lay, two pertained to Lowell and the last was about things I wished when I began blogging seven years ago.


Cynthia Shenette said...

Say it isn't so!

Happy trails, whatever you decide to do. Until we meet again... :)

Barbara Poole said...

Cindy, nice to hear from you, but I sure have missed your blogs. You know what it's like, too much other stuff to do, so I'm giving myself a break. Meeting other bloggers in person, such as you, have been one of the best parts of blogging. We sure enjoyed ourselves the times we met...thanks for that.

Janice Brown said...

Barbara, you are a blogging old timer like me. I took a year+ break before, and it was very therapeutic. I AGREE, people just do not realize how much time goes into a story, especially as detailed as you write. I do. I commiserate. But I take great joy in the researching and writing, and I very rarely write about my own genealogy, though often I find a connection to those I write about.

I wish you well, and hope your time away passes quickly, and that you return refreshed and renewed. And if you don't I'll just come and visit your old posts.

Barbara Poole said...

Janice you are sweet and funny. Regarding your last nine, well, at least I'll know where a few hits might have come from, that would be you, who at that moment was quite bored.
I didn't realize that you took a long break, but maybe it's because of the fb group, Genealogy Bloggers that you run (
I hope one of these days we can meet, I've "known" of you for about 10 years!